• TmySQL provides access to MySQL servers from Delphi via a visual component and an extendable non-visual component.

• TmySQL utilizes a single client DLL, which is provided by most Windows-compiled versions of MySQL.

• TmySQL has both threaded (synchronous) and non-threaded (asynchronous) modes.

• TmySQL has a 'task queue' mechanism to 'send' multiple SQL statements to the server in serial order.

• TmySQL does not use the database aware components in Delphi, such as TDatabase, TQuery, etc.

• TmySQL does not use BDE.

• TmySQL does not use ODBC.

For more information, please read the FAQ.

• TmySQL v2.1b (ZIP 2/12/2002)
• TmySQL v2.1b (EXE 2/12/2002)

• TmySQL v2.0c (ZIP 8/11/2001)
• TmySQL v2.0c (EXE 8/11/2001)

• TmySQL 031699a (ZIP)
• TmySQL 031699a (EXE)

• The FAQ

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