This project provides a robust, contextual configuration framework for Java applications. 


This projects provides robust UDP and TCP logging for Java applications.


A Java library for connecting to CDYNE services.

Similar Given Name

This small Java project provides a simple translation table for common English first names.

Similar Given Name

Similar Given Name List 0.9.6

Similar Given Name List (SGNList) is a Java library that provides both data and a Singleton used to lookup common "Given Names" for use within search algorithm. For instance, "Bill" returns "William, Billy, and Will".

Download the JAR, last updated on 9/10/2013. Requires Java 1.5+ and includes source.  Released under the LGPL 2.1 license.


SimilarGivenNameList sgnl = SimilarGivenNameList.getInstance();

String[] alternativeNames = sgnl.lookup("bob");

for(String alternativeName: alternativeNames) {

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