over the years

It all started on a 386SX with 4MB of memory over 1200-baud modem.  Now, it's a VMware guest on an HP blade server in a datacenter.  The server instance has and always will be on Slackware Linux.


The Beginning

While working at the University of Michigan, Justin talked the folks in the Electrical Engineering/Computer Science department into hosting the experimental Slackware Linux instances and via static IPs over a 1200-baud dial-up modem.  The modem remained but the 386-based computer that was replaced comedy & improv.


To Missing Link Communications

After leaving Ann Arbor to run the network and computers for a small rural ISP in Galesburg, Illinois, moved to T1 connectivity and upgraded to early Pentium hardware.

While there, hosted TmySQL, the first MySQL library for Borland Delphi (Objective Pascal).


To the River

The ISP business of Missing Link Communications was bought out by Madison River Communications, based in North Carolina. moved to recycled Compaq desktop hardware and remained in Galesburg, Illinois at its Chamber of Commerce Visitor's Center.


From the Heart

Justin left the ISP world and entered the world of finance at Firstar Bank; switched to a custom 4U rack-mount server was moved to Peoria, Illinois, hosted at Heart Communications.

During this time, two Java-based projects were created and hosted on Habitat4j to solve complicated deployment issues while Justin worked at U.S. Bank and Syslog4j to robustly handle network logging.


To Joe's

The sweet deal at Heart Communications came to a close; switched to SuperMicro server-class hardware and moved to Joe's Data Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  At this point, it was a VMware guest on a VMware Server 2.0 host.


To St. Louis

Hosted at Cybercon in St. Louis, Missouri, is now a VMware instance on a blade with VMware ESXi 6.5.


Site Refresh

Continuing with the tradition of learning-by-doing, the site was developed by Mobirise and hosted on a Debian/Docker instance on the blade server.  Special thanks to Let's Encrypt project for the SSL certificate.

The Habitat4j project was moved to GitHub.



A bit late to the game, but all key resources related to are now available via IPv6.

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